About Globally Responsible Political Thought and Public Policy

Globalization is happening, no question about that. But will it be globalization essentially favoring the well-off while leaving behind those who are less fortunate, or will it be globalization favoring all humans, wherever they may be, and ecologically respectful of planet earth in all the necessary ways?

Achieving the latter approach to globalization requires developing, disseminating and implementing, as widely and broadly as possible, political thought and public policy that are responsive and responsible in the sense that they point toward and assure the achievement of a world breathtakingly more positive—a world equitable in terms of opportunities for humans everywhere, sustainable in terms of the availability of necessary resources in a decent environment, and peaceful in the sense that humankind no longer need fear that violence will make life “nasty, brutish and short.”

This positive future is not some distant, essentially unattainable possibility. Rather, it is within humanity’s common grasp during the current generation and the one immediately succeeding it—that is, by the midpoint of this century. Who can doubt that humans now have the technological capability (for the first time) to make this happen? Who can doubt that it is fully within the realm of possibility for this new reality to unfold?

Fortunately, humanity is not starting from zero in this undertaking. Elements of political thought of the sort needed have evolved over past centuries in many parts of the world. And especially since the end of World War II, public policy of the sort needed—public policy that is globally responsive and responsible in nature—has also evolved. What is needed for this achievable future to become a reality is for many more people to become knowledgeable and supportive as to those globally responsive and responsible aspects of political thought and public policy that have already been developed and as to imperatives for further development, dissemination and implementation of those additional dimensions necessary for reaching this dramatically better human future.

It is in this spirit that the Center for Globally Responsible Political Thought and Public Policy was recently established.

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