Some of GRPT/PP’s Central Assertions

Now, when globalization in so many dimensions—economic, social, political etc.—is coming on strong, GRPT/PP asserts that those who wish to help steer humanity into a better future—a better future for all humans everywhere—need to give their fullest possible support to developing, disseminating and putting into action political thought and public policy congruent with this orientation, or “paradigm.”

The various trends of political thought and public policy that have sought to bridge across nations have already had some impact. However, they constantly come up against forces seeking to block this sort of progress—forces such as greed for profits of unlimited dimensions, runaway consumerism, and “junk science” (especially about environmental concerns).

Some ways to push ahead toward a better future for humanity through GRPT/PP include:

a) In academic settings:

• Encourage teaching comparative political thought—
not just “western” or other non-global approaches
• Encourage the development of integrated teaching
and research programs dealing with GRPT/PP.

b) Promote broad adoption of GRPT/PP perspectives (by whatever name) by people of all ages in all segments of the world public.
A mid twenty first century goal for substantial progress as to GRPT/PP in practice—meaning a very substantial improvement in the human condition. Is this achievable?
Yes, in that it does not “defy the laws of gravity”, in that it is technologically feasible and in that there is no known limit regarding possibilities for humans moving forward socially, economically, politically, etc.

Will this be accomplished by the middle of the twenty first century?
That depends to a very substantial degree on what humans do to see that it happens. (Humans can't control everything. Geophysical interventions such as earthquakes and tsunamis are not within human control).
It can be done and globally responsible ethical/moral imperatives demand that it be accomplished as soon as possible.

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